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The Best Luxury Mental Health Retreats Reside Here,

Welcome To The Home of Luxury Executive Wellness Retreats


Have you been searching for Wellness Retreats in Texas or another state, but, until now haven't found one that has seems right for you? Well, we believe you have stumbled on us for a reason. Many of our clients, say our retreat 'found them'. We believe in divinely-appointed encounters and are confident that we can curate a personalized retreat experience, in a beautiful destination retreat location that serves you well. We hope you will stay just a few minutes to discover what sets us apart from the countless health and wellness retreats in the U.S. 

Our Mental Wellness Retreat Florida locations include the Four Seasons Palm Beach and Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, both exceptionally luxurious resorts, as is the Ritz Carlton Santa Barbara. While Our Mental Wellness Retreat Texas location for 2022 is  at the Four Seasons Las Colinas Resort in DFW.  

But to be frank, it's not really about the resort, is it? Though we all prefer upscale properties and lavish surroundings, we have found that clients can achieve life-changing experiences even in less lavish surroundings. You see, we came from more humble beginnings. Before we were Luxury Executive Wellness Retreats. we began hosting Holistic Wellness Retreats in Florida in 2008 at a 3.5 Star boutique condominium resort at the beach.  These days we choose to host at luxury properties. If that doesn't fit within your retreat budget, pleases call us to discuss other locations. Either way, you will experience our dedicated team of  compassionate Concierge Wellness Practitioners  whose number one priority is to increase the well-being of our clients through an immersive holistic health retreat experience. This is our differentiator, the team + you.


We have hand picked an elite team of experts in the fields of Mental Health, Lifestyle/Natural Medicine, Functional Fitness, Yoga and Breathwork, all coming together  under one roof, to meet with you for a personalized wellbeing experience that can make extraordinary impact in just a few days. Just ask our clients, their testimonies and reviews speak volumes. They are truly more free, living better lives and thriving because they chose to let us meet with them on their well-being journey. 


We have been blessed and honored to play a part in changing people's lives for almost 15 years. Formerly, with our own brick and mortar location, consistently recognized by Trip Advisor, year after year, with Awards of Excellence. We are grateful for the awards and recognition. But most importantly, then and now,  our 'why' is for the our beloved clients. It warms our hearts to know we are delivering transformative wellness retreat experiences    that impact lives  so deeply they are willing to share their testimonies and reviews with the world. Thank you for the honor of allowing us to share just a bit of this journey with you.

We are so glad you found us! When you join us on a retreat, it is our hope and belief - based on real-life client experiences, that you will see transformative results manifest in your life too, exceeding your expectations and raising the bar for all luxury mental health retreats.

 Luxury Healing Retreats can mean a lot of things. Count on us to consistently deliver excellence in guest experience and well-being improvement at all of our comprehensive, all-inclusive executive health retreat programs. We hope you will join us for one of our Luxury Mental Health Retreats in Texas, Florida, Colorado, California or Europe.

Like the original holistic health retreat Florida location we opened in 2008, our cutting edge methods and programs include everything you need to refresh your Spirit, rejuvenate your body and renew your mind.

Your personalized retreat program will always include a Concierge mental health professional and a Concierge doctor, along with other experts in fitness and health, with deep industry knowledge on how to bring about your desired changes in mind, body and spirit.

Employing this unique, integrative model, our holistic health retreats, have earned the reputation as a leader among  burnout recovery retreats, addressing the whole you, the essence of you; spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical.  Through one-to-one sessions with the doctors and coaches, you discover root causes of health concerns, and unlock the mental & emotional blocks, that have held you back from optimal wellness, setting you on a path to a renewed vitality. You will also have access to aftercare. 

Luxury Mental Health Retreats  Wellbeing Experience Delivers:

  • A paradigm shift for higher effectiveness in every aspect of your life

  • Discovery of the mental blocks that have limited you and learn personalized strategies to overcome them

  • Connection to your mind-body connection to eliminate stress

  • Stop self-medicating

  • Precision coaching that yields new practices designed for your peak performance: mental, physical & spiritual

  • Increased overall wellness and life balance

  • A new beginning for a journey with your best self, with restored joy and excitement for better choices in your future


Your Experience At Our Luxury Healing Retreats 


The resorts we choose to host your experience provide relaxed, luxurious accommodations with all the accoutrements you are accustomed to, fostering the ideal environment for renewal. More importantly, what sets us apart is exclusive, concierge medicine practitioners for Spirit, mind and body.  You are paired with leading experts in mental & physical wellness. You will enjoy delicious, healthy cuisine, invigorating fitness activities, and individual sessions with a Mental Health Counselor, Wellness Coaches, Medical Practitioners and enjoy Group Breathwork, Yoga and Fitness Classes.

We host only a handful of guests at a time, with no compulsion to meet with the group. You can simply melt into the bespoke experience scheduling even more private respite time tailored to your specific needs.   This immersive self-care will enable you to return home with a recharged body and  fresh mindfulness perspectives of increased clarity and vision for your family, your business and your life. 


Come fill yourself up so that your renewed energy will blaze a path of passion and purpose for you and everyone in your life.

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Luxury Wellness Retreat Team Doctors


Join us  for a life-changing week at one of our immersive, revitalizing Luxury Wellness Retreats. Along with an exclusive group of other wellness-minded guests, you'll experience much-needed respite time that will recharge your batteries in a way as never before.  Each retreat is hosted by an amazing team of Concierge wellness retreat professionals that will include; a Mental Health Counselor/Psychologist, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Certified Executive Leadership Coach, and other specialists in Breathwork, Mindfulness, Yoga and Fitness. Our goal is to help you be experience greater well-being and learn new ways to sustain optimal health; mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Join us and reclaim your best self!

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