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About Us

Best Executive Health Retreats  U.S.A

Our 'About Us' is really all about you.


There was a time where your passion drove you to be your best. 

Over time, the world and your responsibilities have dimmed the fire that fueled your success.  It’s time for a reset.  


Time to get back to your purpose, that created the vision, that built a passion to do what was needed to reach your goals. We can help you get this back!  Push the RESET button with a integrative luxury wellness retreat.

Fueled by a passion to help others become their best selves, our comprehensive approach  includes concierge holistic health practitioners working in concert to elevate your mental, emotional and physical wellness.   We offer proven methods to increase overall well-being by addressing each critical component of the individual; Spirit, mind and body. 


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I am Linda Mullins, Executive Coach and Founder of Luxury Executive Wellness., a Well-being Solutions Company, offering  Personal Wellness Retreats, Corporate Retreats  Executive Offsites and Board Retreats.  When I experienced burnout  from my corporate leadership roles in 2007, I jumped off the hamster wheel to attend an immersive fitness retreat experience that profoundly impacted my life and health. From that experience, I created a more holistic and balanced approach to help others overcome overwhelm, burnout and trauma from life events. 


As an overcomer of much, my passion and calling is to help people identify root causes and triggers to mindsets and behaviors, then release the things that no longer serve them. Since it takes a village, I began recruiting and vetting compassionate experts in mental health and natural medicine to deliver transformative results to our clients.


We began facilitating retreats for increased well-being in 2008, with the first of its kind, live-in wellness resort on the beaches of Florida.


In 2017, I reimagined the wellness retreat model by assembling top-notch teams of concierge wellness practitioners in the areas of neuroscience, peak performance mental health, naturopathic medicine, mindfulness, fitness and wellness. Our teams are located throughout the U.S., Mexico and Europe. The selected team travels to resort properties to meet you and host these powerful immersive experiences that level-up well-being, renewing purpose and increasing joy. Please read our Google reviews, our clients tell the story better than I ever could.


Each retreat is tailored to the needs of our individual and corporate clients, and includes several practitioners working together to help you attain desired outcomes.


Our differentiator is the caliber of the team members and their expertise in addressing the root causes of burnout with each facet impacting overall health and well-being; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.   

Reach out to learn more and allow us to tailor an experience for you or your team.


Private Mental Health Retreats

Join our teams at iconic properties like; The Ritz Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara, CA, Breakers, Palm Beach, Rosewood Mansion, Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas or Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley.


Looking for an even more exclusive offering? Enjoy a bespoke wellness retreat experience where our team of Concierge doctors and wellness professionals travel to your preferred location, estate or yacht, wherever you are, for a private, elevated well-being retreat in the comfort of your favorite surroundings.   

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We serve leaders of the Fortune 100, small businesses and Heads of Households.  With burnout on the rise due to the stressors of the pandemic and life in general, whatever your role, count on our health retreat professionals to help you jumpstart your journey back to peak wellness.   We’ve developed an all-inclusive, Executive Health Program specifically for those discriminating guests seeking a deeper, more meaningful wellness retreat experience. Whether the season you are in involves divorce recovery, grieving a loved one, or any life event, the one-on-one consultations with our integrative team of doctors and coaches work in concert toward your total health and well-being.  Our holistic wellness program partners with luxurious resorts around the world adhering to advanced safety protocols. These unhurried surroundings serve as the ideal environment to welcome the release of trauma, giving way to inner healing and greater well-being.  

Employee Well-Being Programs,
Turnkey Corporate Retreats 
A Few of Our Clients Include

Our Passion
Your well-being is our passion!  The compassionate team members below bring decades of experience in helping people increase balance and joy, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. This integrated approach will equip, encourage and inspire you to a new level of wellness.

It's All About You

You will meet for individual sessions with top practitioners specializing in inner healing and trauma release, getting to the root of stressors and unlocking the blocks to becoming your best self.  Like many, you may have been carrying this load for far too long. Let us help you get rid of those things that no longer serve you.

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What Our Clients Say



 "I rarely post a review, not for want of an opinion...a simple lack of time. As a busy self-employed professional, time is our most precious resource. Yet my experience at the Del Mar retreat was extraordinary. When asked to describe my time there, only one word suffices: Transformative! For professionals looking for the ultimate "recharge the batteries" retreat with emphasis on total wellness, I highly recommend Luxury Executive Wellness

T. Adams, Attorney

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