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Woman looking at ocean at Private Luxury Wellness Retreat

Private Executive Health Wellness Retreat Texas USA


Private Luxury Executive Retreat Program

Personalized Retreat With Doctor, Mental Health Practitioner and Wellness Instructors Travel To You. Private Well-Being Experience At Your Villa, Yacht or Wherever You Want To Be.  Speak With A Concierge To Curate Your Ideal Wellness Journey. Comprehensive private retreat programs for 6 Days (or more) range from $20k-$85k plus accommodations and meals. 

  • Holistic Health Resort Comprehensive Program

    We will curate a transformative wellness retreat completely customized to your needs and desired outcomes - in your preferred location, U.S., Europe, Caribbean, you name it, our Concierge Wellness Team has passports and will bring increased well-being to your door. Traveling to your villa, estate or yacht for a bespoke experience to increase your well-being in the comfort of your own surroundings. Delivering a tailored wellness experience that will transform your whole health. 

    Inner Healing

    Trauma Release

    Stress Management Tools

    Precision Coaching Yielding Lasting Results

    Lifestyle Managment

    Spiritual Coaching

    Addiction Counseling

    Tailored Fitness and Nutrition Program 

    Call us to discuss your total health renewal at the location and dates of your choosing.



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